Hello There

So rather than try to group things out thematically or in a narrative, I’m probably just going to dive right in with this blog. I’ll probably start with a backlog of posts from my twitter account since recapitulating that research in chronological order will probably bring some linkages and themes to the surface between ideas.

I’m imagining there’s going to be roughly 2 different stories going on here – one is a contrarian history of the Internet, and computer networks in general, as a doomsday machine, where doomsday is the end of capitalism and the doomsday scenario that must be prevented evolves from tactical nuclear warfare between supersonic aircraft (SAGE) to counterinsurgency warfare (ARPANET) to behavioral influence across entire populations (pervasive “Social Network Software”).

The name of this blog is a Pynchon reference (a fictional Dukedom from a fictional Jacobean revenge drama featured in The Crying of Lot 49) and while this won’t strictly be a Pynchon blog, the works of Thomas Pynchon, a technical writer who worked on some of the Nazi-derived rocket technology in the SAGE system, will be a guide to this story of how Nazi technology (rockets) psychology (behavioralism and mind-altering drugs) and geopolitics (anti-Communism and an aggressive stance against the Soviet Union) were incorporated into American society over the course of the Cold War.

The second theme that this blog will cover will be how this “Fourth Reich” or “Underground Reich” manifests itself “between the Fake Left and the Alt-Right.” This will be presented as “New You Can Use” posts explaining hidden or obscured aspects of certain individuals, events or organizations (CIA operatives posing as well-known counterculture figures activist leaders, for example) .

The computer stuff might get a little technical but I’m hoping to keep this all as accessible as possible. I’m not going for exhaustive or comprehensive coverage of any of the subjects I’m writing about – I want to give just enough of a map in terms of a narrative and sources that readers can pick up some of these threads and follow them on their own.


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